Neil Wager


Neil Wager is working in executive capacity with Alex Krychev (Chairman/CEO) of Purple Energy Group (PEG). Neil's focus is on business development. The major focus of PEG is building status in the oil business. PEG is engaged in the development of business ventures worldwide with a focus on trading projects including Crude Oil, Jet Fuel, No.6 Fuel Oil (D6), D2 Diesel Fuel, LNG, Naphtha and Gasoline. Multiple years of commodity experience of PEG’s executive team, with their involvement in major business networks, make PEG an international coordinator for trading and investment projects in the oil commodity industry. Neil and PEG have established a foundation working with major clients and “Sellers of Fuels” by establishing financial partner relationships (JV’s) that meet their joint objectives and provide excellent financial returns. PEG now holds allocations with a major refinery and supplier for D2, D6, Jet Fuel, Crude oil and other refined products which are front and center and available to be taken advantage of at this time.

Neil and PEG’s strategy is to build new, while expanding existing relationships, and to supply their clients the full services of a "ONE STOP SHOP" strategy. We are building our reputation through responsibility and trust with our clients worldwide. Our main goal is to be a trustworthy, responsible, and competitive player that provides its partners/clients with high-quality products and the highest level of efficiency possible. Thanks to an experienced business team and privileged partners, Neil and PEG benefit from a worldwide network that allow them to be present and active in a large number of markets and activities.